What is Brazen James? Brazen James is an amazing boutique that carries a range of items from gorgeous clothing of various styles, shoes, accessories, hand-screen printed shirts, hand-made signs, and various other rad items all handpicked and brought to you by various vendors and small shops.   Brazen James is not only a shop but an amazing community. A lifestyle blog will be added soon to incorporate behind the scenes, holiday goodness (that I love so much), and various other fun exciting family activities.


The name Brazen James comes mostly from my kiddos. Before Brazen James became the collective shop it is today, it used to just be a rad hand-printed t-shirt shop called Little B Love and was featured on celebs such as Kristin Cavallari and Mason Disick. Everyone had assumed Little B Love had it's name from my oldest child Brayden because we always called him B. Even though that shop wasn't actually named after him, because everyone assumed that it was, I wanted to make sure this shop embodied both of my kiddos and even a little of me. My oldest child's name is Brayden which means bold and another word for bold is Brazen (plus it kind of sounds like Brayden). Then James is the middle name of our second child Ryder, but we pretty much call him every variation of a nickname deriving from James: Jam, Jamie, Jelly, Jelly James and so on. Along with the fact that Brazen means bold, it really means unapologetically bold and anyone who's known me for a long time can say if there's anything about me they could tell you is that I tell it like it is with no apologies and therefore myself am unapologetically bold. Enter my amazing Graphic Designer Shannon who then made sure to embody all that Brazen James is in the girl in our logo. The girl who represents our logo is boho, yet earthly and whimsical, yet funky, and also motherly and so much more all in one. The perfect representation of Brazen James.



I'm Brandi! Hi! I'm the owner and the creator here at Brazen James. I am a DOWNRIGHT HUSTLER! I don't like hearing that I can't do something, best believe I'll find a way to do it! I'm EXTREMELY stubborn (did you catch that vibe yet?) but I firmly believe that stubbornness is what drives me to hustle harder and to not take no for an answer. It drives me to create a lot of the things here at Brazen James from tees, to accessories, to some home good pieces! I love that not only am I able to create here at Brazen James and design and make things with my own hands for the shop but I can bring in other small shop items and other amazing vendors too and they can be right here all together in one little place! 




Business Boss Babe aside I'm also a teacher, a wife, a mom, and a child of God. My wonderful husband and I have been doing this thing called life for over 12 years together. My husband is who keeps me put together and often times I'm so busy creating things for the business and prepping fun activities for our family that I often leave messes everywhere I go. My husband is the guy that cleans up after me but also makes sure I'm fed even if that means bringing me mozzarella sticks at 10:30 at night. We have two gorgeous children together. Brayden is 6 and is 1000% me in every way shape and form. Brayden is not only my identical twin but he is also very stubborn and outspoken yet he has a heart of gold and is very empathetic. He's full of energy, a total boy, and a heck of a baseball player. Ryder is our 3 year old and brings all of us such joy. Even though Ryder is also stubborn he is different from his brother in so many ways and a true sour patch kid. All around our fam is pretty great and I can't wait for all in this community to get to know us all a little bit better.